Wagworld K9 QuiltWagworld K9 QuiltWagworld K9 QuiltWagworld K9 QuiltWagworld K9 Quilt

Wagworld K9 Quilt

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  • Manufactured by: WagWorld
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Note: Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery due to this product being custom made.

K9 Quilt is the ideal soft and versatile mat for all areas inside and outside of your home, including kitchen, patio, stoep, kennel and even in the back of a SUV car.

With a double layer filling, the K9 Quilt comes in a cool durable linen-look canvas which is both comfy and stylish.
The underside is a water resistant, rubberized fabric that reduces slipping and sliding and prevents any damp from seeping through.
Perfect to take on day or week-end excursions instead of your regular dog bed as it is light and easy to carry, making it the ideal travelling bed.


Machine wash on a gentle cold cycle and line dry.
Recommended for undercover use only.
Do not expose to direct sunlight.

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