VetmedX Everyday Disinfectant 500ml

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VetmedX is a new generation eco- friendly disinfectant consisting of HOCL, NaOCL, NaCl and softened water. It is a water based product. It is a highly effective sanitising solution that oxidises viruses and bacteria. VetmedX uses the same natural anti-microbial acids (HOCL) found in the human immune system to fight foreign bacteria and viruses such as the Parvo virus.

  • Kills Parvo virus in 30 seconds
  • Use to disinfect veterinary practices and theatres (pre and post op)
  • Safe to disinfect all habitable areas
  • Use on all fabric, furniture, blankets, carpets with no stains
  • Use on porous and non-porous surfaces Reduces odour on all beds, blankets and carpets, without causing stains
  • Sanitize cat litter boxes


Why should you use VetmedX Everyday Disinfectant?

• Non-toxic

• Contains NO Quaternary Ammonium

• No alcohol, antibiotics or steroids • No rinsing required

• No more stains

• Safe if licked or ingested

• Safe for plant life and animals



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