Mera Cat 10kg

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Mera Cat is a highly digetible complete diet for a well-balanced and healthy nutrition of your cat, manufactured from high-graded raw materials. All your cat needs of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals Mera Cat provides in optimal quantity and composition.

The cats very special organism has special requirements regarding nutrition. That is why Mera Cat has a very low degree of manganese, a very high degree of animal proteins and no soya beans are used. Furthermore Mera Cat stimulates the reception of water. All this reduces the risk of FUS (gravel). 


Poultry meat meal; rice; maize gluten; greaves meal; barley; animal fat; dried sugar beet pulp; cellulose fibres; chicken liver (dried); sodium chloride; fish oil; hydrolyzed animal protein; brewers`s yeast; dried egg 

Crude protein 32,0%; crude fat 14,5%; crude fibre 4,5%; crude ash 7,0%; calcium 1,1%; phosphorus 0,9%; sodium 0,4%; magnesium 0,1%. 

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