EasyWalk Headcollar

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The Easy Walk™ Headcollar is a comfortable and stylish solution to help dog owners with pulling, lunging and jumping. When the dog’s nose is ‘steered’, the body follows, eliminating any chance of the owner being pulled down the street by their dog. Evolved from a simple nose loop, the soft nylon construction of the headcollar sports a coloured ribbon finish, is lined with a comfortable felt pad, and is compatible with most leads which can be attached. Available in 3 sizes.







• Stops pulling, lunging, and jumping
• Veterinarian recommended
• Immediate, gentle control
• Not a muzzle
• Never chokes
• Adjustable nose loop for a custom fit
• Neck strap applies pressure to the back of the dog's neck
• Soft nylon construction
• 2-year warranty
• Training Guide included


Colour: Black


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